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Emergency Field Training Pocket Guide New Tool for First Responders

Author: Terri Wright

Informed Publishing of Portland, Oregon has developed tools for field care providers that are unprecedented. They aim to serve the needs of personnel in five major categories: Federal, Medical, Fire, Police, and Home Emergency with handy publications for quick reference. Their pocket-sized guides provide critical information in an accessible format. Several case studies have shown that these guides are an invaluable resource and improve effectiveness of field work performance.

During the 911 World Trade Center attack, and in the cleanup aftermath, all major organizations working on-site required their field workers to carry Informed Publishing’s guidebooks for quick-reference. Federal Agents overseeing the ground zero operations said that IP guidebooks were by far the most valuable tool workers carried with them that made their job easier by providing critical information in an accessible format.

In  2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of residents in Mississippi and Louisiana. Red Cross field workers helping the homeless at community shelters needed to rely on quick access to information and resources for relocating families. Informed Publishing’s pocket-sized guides were not only easy to carry but helped to provide critical information in an accessible format. We were surprised to find out that not only Red Cross volunteers used the pocket guides but workers in the Police, Fire, and Medical professions sourced them as well during the critical stages of emergency.

Police investigators handling crime-scene investigation have reported that Informed guides are their number one field manual. “Our investigators were wasting time and money running back to the office, or calling-in for research support when piecing together a crime. Informed guides have increased productivity, and improved results of investigations by providing our officers with critical information in an accessible format.”

The pocket-guides published by Informed Publishing were designed for easy access in the field. Workers don’t want to carry a large numbers of reference books but need quick, easy access to important facts, procedures, laws, codes, and technical information to make informed decisions. These handy guides fit in a shirt pocket, are easy-to-use, have a convenient spiral binding format. Best of all, they contain critical information at-a-glance.

The guides are organized with thumb tabs and recognizable color divisions for easy visual reference.  Their small size makes them user-friendly and industry reports show that workers are apt to carry the guides because of their convenient size. Pocket-guides make work easier by allowing professionals to perform their jobs with confidence, knowing they have the most up-to-date information at hand.

Whether it’s Homeland Security Operations, Fire and Rescue teams, Law Enforcement Officers, or responsible home-owners seeking information on how to care for their pets in an emergency, the pocket-sized guides by Informed Publishing, http://www.informedguides.com,  provide critical information in an accessible format that helps get the job done faster, quicker, and more efficiently. These field manuals are number one!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/training-articles/emergency-field-training-pocket-guide-new-tool-for-first-responders-866633.html

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Terri Wright is a published author and member of the Society of American Travel Writers since 1998. She lives and writes in Santa Barbara, California.

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