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Photography Book Review – Biplane Picture Book

Author: rudge longmore

There are few of us alive today that were around in the great days of early aviation, when all the airplanes were biplanes, so it’s hard for us to understand just what it was like. But, if you have curiosity there, and if you love airplanes, then let me recommend a very nice book for you to own:

“The Age of the Biplane” by Chaz Bowyer; Crescent Books Publishers; Bison Books; New York, NY; 1983. ISBN: 0-517-39939-3.

This wonderful photography book has over 250 high quality, many black and white and authentic historical pictures, with some full color pictures of replica aircraft and restored WW I Aircraft of the day. Each picture has a story beside it next to the illustrations giving the reader or viewer a glimpse into the past. Some say this was indeed the dawn of modern aviation and military aircraft, perhaps so, and when you get done looking at all these awesome pictures, you too will be thinking the same thing.

You will see pictures of the Sopwith Camels, Spads, Fokkers, Nieuports, and peaceful aircraft later after the war used for carrying mail and passengers, then the book takes you into the golden age of aviation. Literally a trip through time from the Wright Brothers forward into the Golden Age of aviation. What a cool journey it is thanks to author Chaz Bowyer who was an RAF pilot in 1958 and has been writing on aircraft topics for magazines, and books his whole life.

Personally, I cannot think of a better book for a family of aviators to have in their home, or for an aircraft business to have in their waiting room. It’s that good, and perhaps you should pick up a copy too? Think on this.

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