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Craft Book Publishing – It’s Like People Working for You for Free!

Author: Bob Beacham

Today, any craftsperson can write and publish a craft book. All you need is an idea. Unlike years gone by when you needed thousands to even get started, today the investment required is tiny. So small that craft book publishing is within the grasp of everyone.

It can provide a serious income too. You might not be the next Dan Brown or JK Rowling but craft book publishing can be a lucrative business.

What people tend to overlook is the additional spin-offs that writing and publishing a craft book can bring. The direct income is important, of course, but don’t overlook the other benefits.

Once you’ve published your first craft book you automatically become an expert in many people’s eyes.

For a start, most people don’t realize how simple the publishing process is. They still think it’s expensive and took years to do. How are they to know you can go from “ordinary” craftsperson to published crafts expert in a matter of a few months?

So being a craft book author gives you a certain standing. It’s as if your craft book is going around telling people how good you are.

The first spin-off is that any crafts you make, because they’re made by a “published craft expert”, are more sought after and, by default, more valuable.

But it doesn’t end there.

Many people who write a craft book are invited to speak or demonstrate at shows and fairs. You’ve probably seen them there yourself. Did you know that at the very least you can expect to get your expenses paid. You might even get a fee. Not bad for doing what you love, is it!

Of course once you start demonstrating, your reputation grows and things can start escalating. People who didn’t buy your book will see you demonstrating and then buy a copy. You become someone who’s in demand. Demand for your crafts increases as well.

And all the while that craft book you wrote is still going around telling people how good you are. Like I said, it’s like having a whole bunch of people working to promote you – except they don’t cost anything.

In fact your venture into craft book publishing is probably making you money!

It’s all hypothetical of course. Some people aren’t interested in demonstrating or speaking in public. I should also say that there’s no guarantee of any income. When you write articles like this you have to point that out, because unfortunately there are bound to be a few people who write a craft book and don’t put in the work necessary to make it a success.

On the other hand I know those who make six figure incomes from craft book publishing alone. I guess it depends on being prepared to do a bit of work and getting good advice from the start.

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