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Craft Publisher Problems? – Publish Your Own Craft Book!

Author: Frank English

There’s a perception that the majority of craft publishers are a tough bunch! Hard-bitten accountants bashing away at calculators and deciding that despite the obvious merits of your craft book the numbers don’t work and thanks, but no thanks!

Well I guess the truth is that the picture is neither completely accurate, nor all that far from the mark! Confused? Let me explain.

If you’ve ever tried to find a craft book publisher you might well have run into the above scenario. There are large publishing houses that frankly just don’t want to take the risk on an unknown craft writer. There are other, smaller companies, who might well love your work and be very sympathetic and understanding but traditional craft book publishing does have high start-up costs and unfortunately sometimes those decisions might not come down in your favor.

If you’re determined and committed and prepared to put in the time, the phone calls and the shoe leather, you might eventually become one of the lucky ones and find what you’re looking for.

But there is an alternative. An easier, more certain route to getting your book out there. You can become your own craft publisher!

Now you might be thing that it’s a nice idea, being in control, not having someone decide whether your craft book will make it to print or not, but there are practicalities aren’t there. You can’t just go out and buy half a truck load of paper and a printing press!

No you can’t, but you don’t need to. For a start you can take advantage of the huge growth in digital craft books – ebooks – which can be published, marketed and distributed online at remarkably small costs (and surprisingly high profits). You can also take advantage of print-on-demand companies. For the small craft publisher these are a godsend because you don’t have to worry about ordering hundreds of copies of your craft book, they’ll start by printing just one!

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You’ll probably want to do further reading and of course the internet is a good place to start. Many authors have already benefitted from the advice available from Complete Craft Publisher so it’s a great place to start. Crafters just like you are already enjoying the rewards – why not you?