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How to Find a Publisher for Your First Book

Author: Gary R. Hess

Finding a publisher can be very strenuous. In fact, it may even
be harder than actually writing the book itself.

There are three things to remember when finding a publisher for
your book:

1) These things take time, even Stephen King was not signed the
first night. Be patient, book publishers are quite busy and may
take a while to get back to you. Just keep positive, if your
book is good a publisher will sign you.

2) Start big and work down. Submit your book to the largest
publisher first, then work yourself downward. Chances are, if a
large publisher signs you the more money you will see in return.
However, don’t get too stressed when the first notice comes and
says you are not signed, there are many other publishers who
would love to see a new book come their way.

3) An easy way to get started yourself, if you do not wish to
mess with publishers, is to find a publishing company who will
do it for free without the advertising. A great place to start
looking is at They have a great selection of book
styles and offer a great pricing for self publishing.

The most important thing to remember while looking for a
publisher is to stay positive and keep trying. There are many
publishers in this world and at least one is bound to sign you

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