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How to use the Internet to Undertake Research for a Non-fiction Book

Author: Samantha Pearce

Starting to research and write a non-fiction book can seem a daunting task! But there are many different resources that you can use to help you in your task.

A non-fiction book cannot be written without some form of research. When writing a fiction book, you can use creativity to elaborate and exaggerate the truth. However, a non-fiction book must be more truthful, and facts must be researched accordingly.

In this day and age the internet is often your main research tool. It is advisable to break your research down in manageable chunks, perhaps chapter by chapter or by using key words. Search engines such as Google will often direct you to where you can find articles, newspapers and databases. Some databases that you find may require a subscription fee to join, although others may be free for public use. Another useful tool could also be public forums, where you will be able to gain other people’s opinions and thoughts on a variety of topics.

However, you cannot believe everything that you would read on the internet, as a lot will be based upon people’s opinions and thoughts. When writing your book you need to make sure that you can fully reference any facts given in your work.

Several books have been written for guidance as to how to research on the internet. For example, The Associated Press Guide to Internet Research and Reporting by Frank Bass, or Internet Research Illustrated by Donald I Barker and Carol D Terry (both available on Amazon UK).

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