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How do you get started writing an E-book, and what are some of the ways to format and publish your book?

First, organize your ideas. Write an outline and come up with basic topics. Who is your audience? What is your target market? What format do you want to publish in – do you plan on including illustrations in your E-book? Do you want to write the book and then have an online publisher take care of everything else, or can you handle it all (from publishing to marketing) on your own? Once you’ve figured all this out, start writing!


Most E-books are written in Word first and then converted to another format. If you want to concentrate on writing content and can’t be bothered with formatting or conversion issues, you can hire a company to convert the file for you. However, the fees for such a service can be quite hefty – and it’s not difficult to convert the Word file yourself.

Sometimes formatting can be more complicated than simply converting a Word file to PDF format. For readers who want to read your E-book on their browser, you’ll have to make use of E-book compiler software. If you plan on using compiler software for formatting, you write the book in Word (or even in HTML) and then run the text through the program, which creates a stand-alone application that readers can download, click to open, and read right on their screen. They won’t need any extra programs to read the E-book, so this may allow you to reach a wider audience.

Plus, this type of software is very easy to use – and it’s inexpensive. The only disadvantage is that some Mac users may not have the capabilities to read the book. Simply search for this type of software online. A quick search should come up with a wide range of suitable programs.

Hiring outside help

So you’ve decided to hire a company to convert and format your E-book. There are, as mentioned above, several ways to go about this part of the process. If you decide to spend the extra money and have a company do the formatting and conversion, select a business that offers more than just simple file conversion. Look for companies that will design your cover, and help with marketing strategies. In addition to an initial fee, however, you may be required to share royalties. Remember, if you do all the work yourself, you get a 100% share of the profits!

Publishing is the next step. You can work with a publisher that will help you with distribution, or go it alone to save some money. The advantage of a publisher is that they offer services, such as editing, that may help you sell more E-books. At the same time, doing everything without outside help is more cost-effective. There are many avenues of opportunity for people who want to publish an E-book without the help of a publishing company – it’s a viable option you should seriously consider.

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