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Three Good Reasons to Search for a Divorce Record

Author: Olivia Larson

With the growing availability of documents on the Internet it is now possible to dig up an old divorce record as well.  While previously you had to apply to the courts themselves to get this information and often needed to prove why you wanted it, public documents are now available online.  Search services charge a small fee to give you access to their comprehensive databases, which makes searching even easier.  Still, why would you need to run such a search?

Checking Up On Someone
Ah, the brave new world of the Internet; so many dating sites, so little time.  If you aren’t aware of the explosive growth of online dating, you must be living in a cave.  Unfortunately, while this growth allows people of all walks of life to meet, it also means that when you start dating someone, you only know what they tell you or post.  This make for a relatively unsafe environment, especially for women.  It is easy to use an online search service to check on your new friend and find out if they really are divorced.  Getting involved with a married partner is a formula for disaster.  Don’t take the chance.

Getting a Copy of Your Own Papers
If you got divorced years ago and have lost your copy, or if you moved and misplaced it, but need a copy quickly, the simplest way to find it is online.  It isn’t unusual to forget in which county you got divorced, especially as time passes and you move on.  If you can’t remember then it is much simpler to let a search company give you the data.  You can then use that data to quickly acquire a new copy that is certified if you need one.

Believe me, if you want to get remarried, you will need this document, so try to make sure you have one on hand at all times.  Another reason to have one, if you plan to adopt with a new partner, every country in the world will want to see proof of the dissolution of your first marriage.

If you are reconstructing your family history, but you have no idea who the first spouse was, this is a great way of reconnecting with old family.  This is even truer if one of your parents has an alienated child you wish to meet.  The information on a divorce decree usually includes the former spouse’s name as well as data on the children of the union.

Remember, the fastest and most accurate way to search the public records is to let a search company do it for you.  Make use of the time and money they spent to database all this information, get online and find what you need.

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