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Learn About Your Favorite Popular Urban Designers

By Daniel Millions

While Hip Hop continues to grow into the mainstream through music, DVD, television and the online medium , comes an increase in urban fashion designer clothing. Brands such as Sean Jean, Phat Farm and Rocawear are worn by large sectors of the world’s population. No longer isolated in just inner cities of America, urban Hip Hop fashion has gone worldwide. One of the main factors that has played a role in the rise and popularity in urban clothing is the music aspects of Hip Hop are included with it.

Much of the clothing is either owned by the Hip Hop artist or the artist themselves are involved in a partnership where they profit for promoting and marketing the brand. Many such agreements have come and gone in the wind. You can’t assume that a popular music artist will have the same impact in the clothing field. Even some of the biggest names have tried and failed at bridging the gap of urban clothing and Hip Hop music. Below is a list of some top urban fashion designer clothing companies, with some background and company information

1. Avirex: This popular clothing line has been around since 1975 and features designs based on the field of aviation. Shirts, Jackets, jeans, shorts are all available for men, women and children. All of this can be found in stores around the globe. Avirex now controls the Hip Hop clothing ECKO under the name of Marc Ecko Enterprises. This provides for a unique mixture of Hip Hop and aviation distributed through the Cockpit brand.

2. FUBU: 1992 was the start of FUBU, which stands for For Us By Us. Much of FUBU’s merchandise is embroidered and they offer clothing, shoes and also accessories. The FUBU Home Collection is bedroom decor in the classic FUBU Urban style. Sheets, pillow cases and blankets are al in included in the set. FUBU also has a relationship with Def Jam records.

3. Kenneth Cole: Mens, womens, shoes and accessories are Kenneth Cole’s primary products. This twenty six year old brand has established itself in the fashion industry and also amongst charitable organizations through Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc With retail stores around the globe net revenue has reached well over 5 million.

4. Vokal: Three time Grammy Award winner Nelley and his cousin Yomi Martin who is Co-Founder/CEO operate Vokal, which was started in 1997. What started off as a 300 dollar plan to make 600 dollars has now reached the twenty million dollar mark in revenue.

5. Rapper 50 Cent and Mark Ecko teamed up in 1993 to form the G-Unit Clothing Company. However in February of 2008 the relationship between the two ended. Denim, sportswear, kids, women and men’s styles included, all in the urban AG-Unit style are made.

6. Shady ltd.: The partner ship between Rockawear and Eminem’s Shady ltd to produce fleece, outdoor wear and even the non- traditional woven has formed. This brand offers a mixture of urban style with a suburban touch.

7. Apple Bottoms: In addition to Vokal, Multi platinum selling artist Nelley also has his hand in Apple Bottoms. This clothing giant took the unorthodox approach with its business model by designing clothing for women with various shapes, outside of what’s considers average. Intimates, sunglasses, handbags and of course jeans are all produced. Sales for Apple Bottoms have reached fifty million dollars in just a few years.

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