To know what urban books publishing is all about is to know what urban fiction is. Enter the world of African-American themed literary works. Finally, there’s a place where literary thought is not just confined to one particular and all encompassing theme. Seeing reality and interpreting it through fiction and in the eyes of African-American writers is a refreshing break from the many conundrums that are besetting the American publishing industry nowadays. It’s time to take a break from vampire stories and from teenaged witches. It’s time to bring back literature to its urban roots and to have a fresh take on things.

To be sure, life in the cities is not without its share of complexities and nuances. The complex dynamic of relationships, family, work and lifestyle in an urban setting creates richness in material that could only be masterfully woven into many tales by many talented African-American writers. It’s time that the pictures of our reality are painted through our collective inward eyes. This is the whole point of urban books publishing. It endeavors to bring together both African-American writers and readers to get the urban literary scene going. There’s a lot of talent out there and a lot of juicy novels written. Whether you are a writer or a reader, contributing to urban fiction efforts by crafting your own unique piece or by taking a look at the works of existing writers would help a lot. There are still a lot of niches to be filled and many themes to be explored. That’s the great thing about this emerging phenomenon in African-American literature, there’s simply no limit to what could be achieved.

If you feel that you have a unique story to tell and have the talent to do so, then don’t be afraid to try out your hand in writing. The world needs more people like you and the opportunities out there for the taking are limitless. You just have to believe in yourself and believe in the power of your message. The rest will come as you go along. Urban books publishing isn’t just confined to the vicissitudes of gangster life as has been portrayed and stereotyped by media, it’s a greater outlook into everything that makes the life of African-Americans in America.