If you think your manuscript is the cream of the crop beyond the world of modern literature, knowing who the top publishing companies are will help put the work in the major book shelves around the world. For “major”, of course, what is meant is that it can be converted into numbers and sell more.¬† Attaching yourself to these great and experienced editors success and will significantly increase the sales potential of your book due to their extensive network. Although you can always try to self publish your own book, however very few can reach the potential versus dealing with¬† the major publishers.

By “top publishing companies,” here is a simple list.:

Random House. The House of undisputed leader of the random walk with a market share of 17.5% for 2009. They are known for a wide range of best-sellers, and even children’s books. Remember the little golden books for children? They have published them. Love Danielle Steel novels? Random House published them.

Pearson. Not surprisingly, the training focused on publisher takes a back seat. When you say, Pearson, is almost always associated with training. In the Internet age, they have adapted to multimedia content, which would have placed a significant advantage because schools are now in the midst of adapting the electronics academic. In a sense, we can say that Pearson is one of the top Publishers Association, with the exception of education, but the electric field.

Hatchette. Number three on the list is the product of several mergers and acquisitions. Hatchette Book Group USA, part of the much larger Hatchette Livre, France is founded. Hatchette Livre, the second largest in the world and the largest in France. A remarkable aspect of Hatchette is to adopt a targeted model of publishing, where it is divided by gender. Thus, for each literary genre is another brand for the publication altogether. For example, his penchant for romance books “Forever” brand. The division of Christian faith and inspired by faith in the words. There are many more points and offices worldwide. The American group based in Manhattan, New York.

Harper Collins. Property News Media Titan Corporation, which makes Harper Collins and one of the largest book publishers today is the wide and eclectic selection of authors and high profile, highly commended. Among them are Ronald Reagan notes, the novel I’m number four – which was adapted into a movie, and self-improvement guru Deepak Chopra.

Simon and Schuster. Last but not least, Simon and Schuster. On an annual basis, it is 2000 pounds, which is quite impressive and important. With headquarters in New York among the most remarkable writers of his list is Stephen King.

Although not as comprehensive as it would like to see, this list of Top Publishing Companies could help you on your way. Please try to contact them, and literary agents, or agents to go over their work and see how long it takes.