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United States Found That Variants of Super-bacteria

By Himfr Mary

For almost all antibiotic resistance

Recently, three U.S. states found to be infected in the country the new “superbug,” the patients, their body variant of the “super bacteria” almost all antibiotics are “bulletproof.”

Center for Disease Control and Prevention to scientists, patients from California, Massachusetts and Illinois. In addition to the United States, Canada and Singapore also found two cases of “superbug” infection. All infections are due to various reasons recently lived in India in the hospital, where received treatment.

Recently several patients in the treatment of the United States, doctors found that antibiotics can not kill the normal bacteria in their bodies, including those “last resort at the last moment before a doctor may prescribe antibiotics that have a strong effect” is also the body of the bacteria in these helpless. Eventually, doctors discovered that the bacteria in their bodies are “superbugs” by the “infection”, and will become so powerful.

CDC’s physician that resistance to pathogens has been enhanced, and human aspects of the discovery of more antibiotics has been no breakthrough, “superbug” is a pandemic time.

It is understood that, since August this year, the British “Lancet” magazine published an article about the “superbug,” the paper, Canadian, U.S., Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany, Kenya, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, has been a stream of cases.

Superbugs “like a time bomb”

Scientists warn, from India, almost all known antibiotics on the new drug-resistant “superbugs” may pose a threat to the world. They urged all national health authorities to track the whereabouts of the bacteria.

French authorities have agreed to implement these measures, while Japan, Singapore and China are discussing the implementation of the measures. He said: “At this stage, we do not know how quickly germs spread … … It could be months or years, but it is certain that it will spread.”

The increasing number of infections

Is attending the 50th session of the Boston anti-microbial agents and chemotherapy Interdisciplinary Conference (ICAAC) in Nordman said that India is “superbug” breeding ground, as its population up to 13 billion bacteria people living in the diaspora through the back and forth transmission.

“Superbug” called super-resistance from the powerful NDM-1 gene; NDM-1 gene produces an enzyme, almost all the antibiotics will lose their effect.

NDM-1 and its variants seem to have originated from India, and in 2007 for the first time in the UK to be found. Since the “superbug” was discovered, the number of infections to increase the current number of infections has reached the UK more than 70 people in India and Pakistan, there are over 170 people infected.

A Belgian car crash in Pakistan is the first known as infected with the bacteria and killed people.

Is not yet known how widely spread surface

Over the past 20 years with highly resistant bacteria found in the difference is, NDM-1 has multiple characteristics, which led public health experts fear it may impact.

Scientists have confirmed that, NDM genes “very strong liquidity, will jump from a bacterium other bacteria the body.”

Early recognition by experts from the NDM-related infections in the first, and through testing, health measures and quarantine those with the virus, to stop its spread.

The bacteria first found in the “Lancet” published a paper of Walsh Cardiff University experts worry that experts are not clear about the spread of the virus in India, how wide the side in the end. He said: “Health is one of concern – more than 6 million people in India do not have the sanitary facilities. In addition, the widespread use of antibiotics, resistant bacteria will strengthen.”

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