So, you’re an aspiring author and want to learn about the top book publishers and book publishing process that would catapult you to fame and fortune. You have finally managed to pen that book that you’ve long been planning. Congratulations! Who knows, you could be on your way to becoming the next JK Rowling of the world. But before you get all excited and giddy, you need to get into all the details of the process.

First you should have the book manuscript format before anything else. Consider this as your rough draft. You’ll have to go over it not just once, twice, or even thrice. Remember, these rough drafts are going to be turned upside down by top book publishers who will most likely be turned off by even the smallest of errors. So check it and check it well at least four times.

If you’re planning on having it published by a book publisher, know that your chances of having your work accepted is a mere 2%. 98% of submitted manuscripts are rejected outright by book publishers. Well, that’s just life, everybody wants to write a book. Having a literary agent do the negotiation and the representation for you can really help a lot.

There are numerous processes in between the submission of the manuscript to the printing press, but most of these generally have to do with reviews and other business related matters. Just understand that top book publishers want to make money off of you and are considering every little detail that can affect that. The manuscript will go through editors, business analysts, researchers and more. You also have to accept the possibility that your work would have to be rewritten, reorganized or restructured several times if you are a part of the lucky 2%.

All of the patience and the hard work will eventually lead up to the design of the cover, an ISBN number application, blurbs by the editors, a short autobiography and a photograph of you at the back of the book, more reviews and finally the printing.

So there you have it, this is the reason why a lot of authors decide to self publish their work.