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My Life Before And After Audio Books

By Janet Rusky

There is no doubt about it…

I am a book lover.

I love books and have been reading since I was a little baby. My parents made sure they instilled the love of books in me. Unlike my other mates throughout school who always had problems reading, I never had such problems.

Reading was fun to me. It was something I would do, not because I had to get good grades in school, but because I just loved to.

Like you would expect, I carried this love for books into my adulthood.

To tell you how serious this love is, I even met my husband in the library where I went to get a book I had heard so much about.

Now that I have kids I still read. My love for books is so great that I have instilled the same love into my kids too.

I used to make it a habit to read to my kids EVERY night before they went to bed, no matter how tired I am when I get home from my job.

I didn’t expect it to, but because I worked long hours at my job, I always got very tired while reading to my kids at night. In many occasions I have even fallen asleep before my kids right whilst I’m reading to them!

Deep within me I could see that there just wasn’t any way I could keep up with the habit of always reading to my kids each night… unless I found another job that would take up less of my time (but still pay me a good wage at the same time – impossible to find such a job, right?)

At that same time that I was thinking of that, I was promoted in my job. This then demanded my presence at the office one hour before everyone else, and – you won’t believe it – one hour AFTER everyone else had left the office.

Yikes, that’s the one hour I spent every morning reading a chapter on motivations and inspirations and one hour I spent reading to my kids after work – all going down the drain.

I was in a great dilemma about what to do. My wife suggested I give up reading to my kids at nights, and she would do it instead, but I just couldn’t let that happen since she had too much to do herself, and I didn’t want to add more responsibilities for her.

I was still battling for a way out when I discovered:


Eureka… the savior had arrived.

Six weeks after my first contact with audio books, my dilemma had ended.

Not only did I gain back my 2 hours taken by my job, I had added many more hours to my life because of audio books.


First, I now get a 2 hour value of books every morning before I get to work.

During the 1 hour it usually takes me to prepare for work, I listen to an audio book.

During the 1 hour or so it takes me to commute to and from work, I listen to an audio book.

During the 1 hour or so I spend to have lunch and break times, I listen to an audio book.

Total time gained with audio books is 3 incredibly educative hours in the mornings and afternoons.

Now my job doesn’t have to take all of my time away from getting the value I get reading books.

Secondly, instead of spending the 1 hour reading to my kids each night when I get home tired, I played an audio book for them instead. Somehow I discovered that they seem to prefer the audio books to my reading. 🙁

I think I heard my daughter mumbling about how the voice from the audio book is “more awake than dad’s”. This shows you how sleepy I got at certain nights while reading to my kids.

Now… aren’t audio books wonderful?

If you have had similar problems to mine, you can gain back your time by taking advantage of the amazing value of audio books.

The fact that most of the best-selling titles now come in audio book format make it far more interesting.

To get started, go online and visit my favorite audiobook store and search for the audio book version of that book you have been dying to read. Download it instantly to your computer and enjoy!

Even books that your kids or spouse love to read could be available in audio book format. If they are, they will be a great time saver for you too!

About the Author: Janet Rusky is an amateur article writer and runs one of the best audio book stores on the internet. You’ll find over 7000 downloadable audio books at: http://best-audiobook-store.com

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