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Visalus Sciences Takes On Nutrition And Wellness – Nutrition Industry To Top 1 Trillion By 2011 – Top Ten Reasons To Take A Look

By Alecia Barnes

The Health and Wellness industry is expected to be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2010, as baby boomers and fitness enthusiasts alike continue to invest in products and services that help them to maintain their health and youthful vitality.

According to Paul Zane Pilzer , a world renowned economist, this 0 billion industry is beginning to take off, and is expected to create an additional 1 trillion dollars in demand for products and services related to making us look and feel good, as well as slow the effects of aging, and in some cases prevent diseases altogether.

Who wants to look good, and feel good?

The baby boomer generation continues to be a buzz word in several industries, and the focus of many industries attention due to the purchasing power these baby boomers represent. The sheer purchasing power of the dynamic demographic is causing many industries to invest in the creation of products and services that specifically cater to this niche.

In short, this demographic has money, and they

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