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How to Make Music Starting From Score Writing Up to Music Publishing at Site

Author: Fong Sau Weng

All of my music is written by using a notation PC software named Score Writer, bought from Genie Soft. Every sound you heard is came from the score note instead of recording done through microphone.


First version of Score Writer was published by Cake Walk. But this version is not supporting VST instruments. The version bought from Genie Soft is in version 4 which supporting VST instruments which stands for Virtual Studio Technology. To make Score Writer to be able to use VST instruments, SynthFont VST from VSTSynFont( V1.003 ) was downloaded free into Score Write VST Plug in folder. Chaos 8Mb soundfont is also downloaded as well. The combination of SynthFont VST and Chaos 8MB soundfont is making the sound given by the musical instruments really near to the sound produced by actual musical instruments. One good example is the flute. When a note is blew for quite a long period, we may heard the sound generated is “real” like blew by human. The sound heard for the one same note is not the flat same sound for the whole period. This kind of effect could not be produced by Score Writer version 1 which is not supporting VST.


Score Writer is having the feature of panning. It is the positioning of every musical instruments in the hall. We may put the piano at left side of the hall and cello at another side of the hall. The panning is ranging from negative 64 to positive 63 and zero is representing the centre of the hall.


To make the music with reverberation, Classic Reverb is imported into Score Writer VST Plug in folder as well. Classic Reverb was downloaded free. Room size could be set in Classic Reverb which makes the produced sound like the music is really played in the hall.


Music written through score note, all musical instruments are played exactly on the beat which is impossible to be achieved by human. This could be the main problem of music which written by score notes. To resolve this, humanization on the music needs to be done. That is, some musical sound need to be played a little bit late or early compare with others. A suitable instrument is selected and the whole track of its music will be made a little bit slower compared with others( slower by a Demisemiquaver – 1/32 notes for the tempo of 110 Crotchets per minute ). When the music is having one note which played by all instruments in loud( orchestra hit ), some instruments sound will be made a little bit slower. These are my two common practices in music humanization.


After completion of the notes writing, the music then is converted into music format WAV by Score Writer’s “Record to File” function. To burn the music onto CD, music in file format WAV is required. Nero is used for this purpose by just selecting the WAV file into Nero. 


But music file in WAV format is taking up a huge memory space( about 30Mb to 60Mb for one music with length of 4 minutes ) which is not popular for on-line. The music is converted into format of MP3 where the size usually goes down to 1/10. To do this converting, Audio MID Recorder is used.


Before using Audio MID recorder to do the converting, the required format needs to be setup. The file format of the music which needs to be converted is not the concern of the recorder. This music could be in any format. It is also means that we may convert WAV file frequency 44100 in 16 bits to WAV file frequency 32000 in 8 bits. Or converting MP3 192Kbps to MP3 128Kbps. The recorder is just recording whatever heard into the required format. This is also one option to increase the volume of the music. 


To do the converting, after pressing “Record” button at Audio MID Recorder, play the music by whatever player. What we heard will be recorded into the required format. To mix any special effect into the music, just play the special effect together with the music, after recording started at Audio MID Recorder. Since the special effect is played together with music, so the special effect and music need to be played by different players.


The generated file now is ready to be uploaded to site.

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