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11 checkpoints of Manuscript writing you should not ignore

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Scientific research articles are a means for scientists to transmit information about the study results to other scientists as well as laypersons. A standard format is used in these articles, which enables the author to present the research in an orderly, logical manner. This does not necessarily reflect the order in which the scientist performed or planned the study. This format is as follows: Title, Author Information, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results (with Tables and Figures), Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, Statement of Financial Disclosure, References, Figures and Table Legends, and Supplementary Information. This structure could vary with the subject area of your research (Neurosurgery, Molecular Medicine, Economics, Astronomy etc.), the type of manuscript (Original Research Article, Short Communication, Drug Trial, Chapter in a book), and the journal/publication guidelines.

Before submitting a manuscript to a journal, there are a few check points that need to be assessed.

A General Checklist for Writing Your Research Paper

  1. Have the initial objectives and aims of the study been achieved?
  2. Does your work sufficiently cover all the directions, as it was written down?
  3. Does your writing communicate the ideas you want to talk about?
  4. Do you have one clear main point?  Review your thesis to see if it clearly ties every idea in your work.
  5. Do you have a structure that allows you to explain your ideas in a clear and consistent manner?
  6. Do your supporting statements fall in line with the kind of arguments you are presenting?
  7. Have you presented a carefully crafted argument, marked by infallible evidence and sound reasoning, in its favor?
  8. Have you presented adequate supporting evidence?
  9. Have you selected an appropriate journal/audience for your study?
  10. Are there any guidelines recommended by the journal?
  11. If there are, have all the journal guidelines been followed?

A Specific Checklist for Original Articles

  1. Have I written a concise but informative title?
  2. Is the author information complete? Has the corresponding author information provided?
  3. Is the abstract succinct?
  4. Have you provided important words and phrases in the study as keywords?
  5. Is the introduction helpful to collate data about the background of the study and its objectives so that it attracts even non-researchers?
  6. Have you provided a thorough materials and methods section so that other researchers could replicate your experiments if needed?
  7. Is there a concise but in-depth analysis of the findings of the study and results using Tables and Figures?
  8. Does the discussion cover all aspects of the study and puts the findings of the study in perspective?
  9. Have you listed the limitations of your study?
  10. Have you included Acknowledgments and details of financial disclosure?
  11. Have you cited the most pertinent citations in the style mentioned in the journal guidelines?
  12. Have you provided concise but informative legends for figures and tables?

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