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Ghostwriting – Become A Ghost, It’s Lucrative And Fun

By Angela Booth

Writing well is a skill which few people possess. Therefore others are happy to buy your writing skills and pay you when you ghostwrite for them. In this article, we’ll look at material you can write as a ghostwriter – and how you can get writing jobs.

If you’re not sure what a ghostwriter is or does, it’s simple. You write for others, and they take the credit. Your work appears under their byline, and all the benefits and rights in your writing pass to them.

Many books on the bestseller lists are written by ghostwriters – including books by athletes and celebrities and by health professionals.

What Can You Write As a Ghostwriter?

You can write books, ebooks and reports, articles for print and for the Web, newspaper and magazine columns, speeches, and much more.

1. Books – Publishers Will Approach You to Write Books

As soon as a publisher signs a celebrity for a book, the hunt is on a for a ghostwriter. The person who’s approached for this will usually have written a book or two for the publisher first. However, if no one is available, agents are approached to see whether one of their writers might do the book.

So if you’re working with a publisher or agent, you’ll be offered ghostwriting jobs. The job will either pay at a flat rate, or you’ll be offered an advance plus royalties deal as you would with any other book.

2. Ebooks – Look for Ghosting Jobs on Forums

Ebooks have become very popular, and they’re highly valuable properties. You can find opportunities to ghost ebooks on the many out-sourcing sites, as well as on forums. Another way to get ebook ghosting jobs is to offer these services from your own site.

You’ll usually be offered a flat rate for the ebook, and I advise you to negotiate for this service. I’ve seen many writers who charge much too little for ebooks. If you write well, your ebook will make many thousands of dollars for the person who buys your services, so don’t sell them too cheaply.

Remember that as soon as you’re paid in full, all rights to the ebook pass to the buyer.

3. Articles for Print and the Web – Offer Ghosting Services on your Own Site

Writing articles for others to use under their own name is very common, both in print, and on the Web. In print, you’ll often receive the entire amount a magazine pays for the article, the person who’s hired you just wants his name on the article for promotional purposes.

Offer article ghostwriting services from your own site.

4. Columns – Approach a Celebrity and Offer them to Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines love having celebrities “write” for them. In these kinds of deals, you’ll need to approach the celebrity’s publicist yourself. You’ll be paid at standard rates for the weekly or monthly column, the celebrity’s people negotiate his deal.

5. Speeches – Offer this Service from Your Own Site

If you enjoy writing speeches, offer this service from your site.

6. Audio-visual Presentations – Another Service to Offer from your Own Site

Audio-visual presentations, that is, writing for DVDs, film, and other presentations is a service that’s in demand. You’ll find these ghostwriting jobs on the out-sourcing sites, and you can offer them from your own site as well.

So, now you have a glimpse into the fascinating world of ghostwriting. If you enjoy writing more than seeing your byline, you’ll enjoy ghostwriting. It’s a lot of fun, and is rewarding too.

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