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New Spiritual Super Television Created by Religion Vision

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New Spiritual Super Television Created by Religion Vision



August 2008-The search for a religious network that provides multiple live broadcasts and a myriad of spiritual content in the form of television, satellite and radio has been ended with the launch of ReligionVision, the only digital television software dedicated exclusively to religious and spiritual themes.


ReligionVision, created by Xact-Marketing in 2008, instantly turns your home computer into a spiritual super television allowing customers to listen and watch live religious and spiritual radio, satellite and television channels from 40 different countries around the world.


Boasting over 400 live, inspirational television and satellite channels, and more than 300 live, uplifting and informative radio stations, ReligionVision is a religious and spiritual all access pass that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Exceptionally easy to use, ReligionVision works with all versions of Windows and requires no additional hardware. A simple download and install of the program provides immediate access to programming in over 15 languages.


Additionally, ReligionVision has been integrated with GodTube.com allowing you the ability to surf through the latest media and viral videos incorporating a religious theme. Content on GodTube.com includes interviews, music and movie reviews, talk shows, gospel and more.


The material available on ReligionVision.com, as well as GodTube.com, is guaranteed to be clean and non-offensive.


For more information about ReligionVision and to begin enjoying the live television, satellite and radio broadcasts available, please visit www.ReligionVision.com.


For Press Inquiries Contact:

ReligionVision Support Team






Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/television-articles/new-spiritual-super-television-created-by-religion-vision-541413.html

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