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Final Draft Version 8 Review – Make Pro Script Writing in Hours

Author: Colby Marks

In this Final draft version 8 review we’re going to discuss the benefits and features of this robust software and why its a must for your screen writing career. Final Draft is a specialized software designed for formatting and script writing and the lastest version 8 release has additional features that take professional screen writing to a completely new level.

Most screen writers use generic office tools like MS Word for screen writing, but this method can take hours when thinking about you’ve got to do all of the formatting and related settings by yourself. A screen writers workload can be quite clumsy and having a tool that multitask and save you some time can make life less stressful. By employing final draft v8.0 you get an all in one package which will automate the script writing process for you. Rather than spending numerous days prepare a screen write, Final Draft 8 will format and make a pro looking script in much less time.

Most people would bauk at the price of this type of software, the thing is you do not have to purchase a brand new copy,if you own a prior copy of final Draft! Instead you can simply get the upgrade version of Final Draft which costs less than a full running version of the software making you an immediate saving. If you never owned a copy of final Draft then you have to decide if this programme is obligatory for you and whether using this software will add worth to your script writing.

But if you need to make your scripting writing more professional and have that ‘edge’ then Final Draft 8 is a no brainer! Maybe your looking to make your work look more sharper or trying to get the ‘jump’ on your competitors or merely simply making that discovery into the industry this software will give you that missing ‘something’ to your work that will be the envy of your fellow associates. With this robust software you’ll produce professionally looking work that is formatted and completed in fast smart time.

One of the most important features that set final Draft apart is the built in Writing management component.This feature allows the user to monitor his / her project on an everyday basis. One notable part of the writing management element is the dialog proportion display which makes the screen writers life much easier.

Another powerful feature within Final Draft 8 is the Revision tool, when using this it will pull up two versions of the project ( written script )
And give analyise the differences of the two versions. With this ability you can make further improvements and tweaks to your script thus ensuring that your end product will have a ton more polish.

Final Draft 8 has in-built Speech functions that when used can add voice to your script readings, meaning you can hear your script being read orally. This can be awfully handy for identifying areas of the script that may need adjusting or redoing. Some might prefer actors doing it but this will save you some time.

Final Draft 8 ‘s Format helper can find problems in your script’s formatting. This feature goes thru your script attempting to find blank spaces, missing dialog and other formatting Problems. This makes keeping your scripts correctly formatted and professional far less complicated. If script writing is your business, then Final Draft 8 is something which you must certainly have a detailed look at. Excellent for plays, commercials film scripts and other screen and stage writing work, this is software which is a worthwhile investment for professional writers.

don’t be disturbed about manual formatting, Final Draft 8 does it all for you. By trying the format helper all typo’s and other format mistakes are scanned, indentifed for correcting. This saves time and make sure that your script will look 100% profesional and formatted like the enormous players do it. If you want to take your script writing to a higher level then Final Draft 8 is an absolute must, the built in features will certainly give you the edge over your competitors are get your career as a screen writer off to a flying start!

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