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Science Fiction Stories: the Time is Now

Author: Mark Mason

There are almost as many genres of writing as there are authors.  For each author, there is a reason for writing.  This is true for traditional writing mediums (such as books) and new media like blogs as well.  Why authors write and what they choose to write about can be surprising and exciting.  One of the most exciting and boundless writing opportunities is in the area of science fiction.

There are many reasons to write a science fiction blog.  Perhaps the best reason is that the field is far from saturated, on the contrary there are few if any fantastic science fiction websites.  There is some free science fiction out there, but too many of them have bland commentary; they simply expound on what is currently the rage from Hollywood.  Unfortunately the media moguls in Hollywood have terrible judgment in this area.  Why they are ignoring great science fiction short stories from the past century?

Time travel offers a great topic for science fiction short stories.  Time machines, paradoxes, disasters, are all rich fields offering many unique stories.    But what makes a great time travel story?   It’s always about something you never expected such as a butterfly crushed on a boot, or a wife’s murderer who just happens to be a time traveling senator.  In one book messages sent back in time help prevent a global disaster caused by the startup of a new powerful atom smasher.  (Hopefully this is fiction).  What we need is a new time travel science fiction blog.

But aliens and robots truly capture our attention.   People scour the internet for either aliens or robots far more than for free science fiction or science fiction short stories.  Everybody wants a robot butler.  Everybody wants to know if alien abductions are science fact or science fiction.  Have alien robots visited the White House, has an alien ever been elected?  Now that would make a great science fiction blog post.

The time for science fiction is now.  Aspiring writers with a science fiction stories trapped in their heads should come forward and be heard.  People who have always been interested in becoming an author, but have never found the time to get started should start writing today.  There are still so many science fiction stories yet to be told.

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To see an example of a science fiction writer that is rising up against mediocrity and striking out on his own, visit the science fiction blog of Dr. Sean O’Brien. His science fiction short stories about space and time travel appear on his blog at His first novel will be ready by the end of 2008.

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