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The Last Prophecy: The Antichrist And The Dramatic Fall Of A Publishing Empire (Second Chapter)

By A. Escalona

Chapter Two

Tell Them Who I Am: The True Nature of God

Convinced that the contradiction was not a contradiction after all, I committed myself to uncovering its meaning, but it was so difficult to decipher that I immediately realized that only divine intervention could help me solve the puzzle.

First, I thought that heavenly assistance could come through someone who might already know the answer, but soon I began to doubt that anyone would even know that the contradiction existed. Nevertheless, I decided to choose a person to initiate my investigation. This person was the leader of the Bible study group at the dorm, a man apparently well instructed in affairs concerning the study of the Bible. After I thought it over twice, I cautiously approached him with my query. Truly, he reacted as I had expected. He was in shock, but skillfully managed to hide any emotion. Several seconds passed, while he was mentally speculating upon the answer; then, told me that the story in the second chapter of Genesis was only about the creation of the Garden, and that it was different from the story in the first chapter, which was about the creation of the whole universe, including the earth. I shook my head in disappointment, and responded that God only took six days to create everything and these six days were covered in the first chapter. God did not take an extra week to create the Garden, I concluded. Looking at me with an unfriendly expression, the man warned me that I could get hurt for questioning the scriptures in such a way. As I digested his menacing remark, a sudden cold shiver went down my spine, but my determination to find the truth was stronger than the forces behind my fears. Then, completely convinced that no human could help me to find the answer, I retired to sit a few a tables away.

Back in my reading, I could sense how the man was switching glances between his Bible and my table. Later, I learned from him that any time he needed a response from God, he would pray first and then open the Bible randomly to find the divine answer to his question in whatever scripture first met his sight. That day, after I left his table, he did the same, but the only answer he obtained was that I had been blessed. When he confessed this to me later, I asked him why he was telling me that, and he just answered that I knew why. This was the second person telling me about my blessing, and I wondered how I could have been blessed, sitting in jail among so many criminals, including myself.

That night before I went to sleep, I prayed earnestly to God, asking for the answer. I don

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