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Is the Interspire Website Publisher Content Management System Right For Your Website?

Author: Robert Goodwin

Over the years I have worked with many different Content Management Systems – from scratch built to using open-source applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others, to commercial software such as Interspire’s Website Publisher.

I have had the opportunity to work to learn first-hand what makes a system mediocre, and what makes a system outstanding, like the Interspire Website Publisher.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system is a software application that runs on your website server, allowing you manage your website through the use of a database, a website template and application code.

The explosion of blogs today is largely because of easy-to-use websites with content management systems that allow users to easily create the website and change content.

With your own CMS, you and your staff can fully control your website content, and make updates at any time, without having to rely on your IT department or your website’s webmaster.
You Should Use a CMS to:

– Have full control over all your website content.
– Have a secure Administration login and management via a web page.
– Allow staff to login and make content changes easily.
– Add and delete pages.
– Update the website without the need of programming or HTML skills.
– Control the website content publishing process.
– Assign author, contributor, editor and publisher rights to different users.
– Manage dozens, hundreds or thousands of website pages.

Why Consider Website Publisher?

Interspire has been creating commercial web-based software since 2003, and Website Publisher is one of several products in its suite of website applications.

The Administration system is clear and concise, allowing the Administrator to easily add new content to existing pages, add pages and easily switch website templates to totally change the look of a website if needed.

Website Publisher supports several types of content, from website pages, to articles and blogs, making a very flexible CMS for corporate websites, individuals and organizations.

Website Publisher offers the non-technical Administrator a high degree of flexibility over the website pages, with the ability to a create different types of page layouts, and using drag and drop content blocks.
Here are just a handful of features:

– W3C/XHTML Compliant Templates
– Master Template Editing
– Customizable Built-in Pages
– Optimized by SEO Experts
– SEO-Friendly Links
– CAPTCHA Form Security
– WYSIWYG Editor
– Content Caching
– Custom Menus/Lists
– Down for Maintenance Option
– Start & Expiration Dates
– 100% Open Source PHP Code

About Interspire

Interspire is a Sidney, Australia-based web software company, with offices in London, England and Austin, Texas, USA. Interspire has over 50 employees, and over 40,000 customers.

Interspire offers several outstanding products including: Interspire Website Publisher, Interspire Email Marketer, Interspire Shopping Cart and the Interspire Knowledge Manager.

These five products provide companies with powerful web-based software to enhance business websites in many different ways, and the company provides outstanding support for all products.


Should you consider a commercial application like Website Publisher for your company website?

Absolutely. Whether you are moving an existing website from a static website design, or you are building an entirely new website with hundreds or thousands of pages, Interspire’s Website Publisher is extremely flexible and easy to get up and running.

You can use one of the more than 20 included templates, and adapt the template to suit your website publish needs, with full control over the website page, without any knowledge of HTML or programming code.

If you do not like any of the templates that come with the software, you can have a totally custom design created for your website and integrated into the system.

The professional version under 0 and has many modules included.

Last, but not least, Interspire has a network of Partners who can assist you with all aspects of your website project, from installation, configuration and customization to content migration and more.

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About the Author
Robert Goodwin has worked as a web designer since 1997, and as a website project manager on many web-based business applications and website projects. Robert currently consults with businesses on website design and SEO, and contributes articles at

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