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The Scam of The Century, Publish America

Authors that have fallen victim, it is time to revolt. Authors who plan on publishing your novels, do not becom etheir next victims. Read up on them and find out the truth.

People that read my articles or know of me and my books might well also know my feelings about a certain publisher.  My first publisher was a self publisher site called Lulu.com.  I then signed on with an agency and was then swayed to opt out of the agency and sign on with Publish America.  As with many other thousands of unhappy authors that fell into this scam, I am very disgruntled.  They are very kind to you and tell you nice things about your book and useful information about the business.  A lot of which is fact.  They also make you think that they want to sell your books to thousands of readers through outsourced online bookstores and even celebrities.

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