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Poem as a Voice of My Soul


Poem speaks as a voice of my soul beyond my presence. I feel, thoughts fly away without wings and scuttle across my imagination. Poems are born with energy and inspiration to lull my sensuous heart.


Poets are mystics lost in a conscious world of rational plurality. I sense the bliss of pleasant exuberance unraveled as words speak cosmos of emotions and feelings through the ocean of mystery and passion.


Every poem is born with subtle fusion of the self and its environment. The context of this imaginative sculpt is not just conditioned by episteme but prioritized with conscious assertion of the unconscious. In this process of evolution, poem grows and spills into an endless expedition of ecstatic interpretations.


The Poet remains as an observer and of course, a vehicle of this personal and sometimes, transpersonal emotional rejoice. There is a spirit of salvation while participating in this very process of creating a poem and a sense of relief springs while discharging the energy within towards accomplishing a concrete art of imagery too. This is undoubtedly an experience of melting one’s passions and reasons to shape the unknown.


The plethora of its aura minds the social milieu with a mission for transmission of all that it is or what it can be in the secret sectors of the readers’ minds.There can be a transfusion or multiple coding of the actualization of the poetic essence in every moment of reciting a poem.Thus poems create a vast space for transmission of our intuitive imagination beyond just the verbal imagery of our prose.




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About the Author

Mr.Mangalaprathaban Muraleedharan is the Managing Partner and Head,ESL Consultancy and Corporate Training of Fluency Center located at 636,Century Tower,Shop No:33,Second Floor,GP Hospital Bus Stop,Gandhipuram,Coimbatore and at 207,Diamond Colony,Chinnampalayam,Pollachi.you may see more info at www.fluencycenter.org

He writes poems in English and Tamil.He is also a teacher trainer and passionate theatre activist.He conducts various training programmes for IT and ITES Companies.He is known for Accent Neutralization Programmes and  Business English Communication training.He was the former  Coordinator of CIEFL Theatre Society and one of the organisers of CIEFL Poetry Club.

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