If you are very fond of writing children’s books or picture book manuscript, then why not consider submitting them to an agent or publisher. This will not only help you build your reputation on this field of writing, but will also help you make the most out of your hobby. Let us take for example J.K. Rowling, a British novelist who wrote the Harry Potter fantasy series.

Though her impeccable novel is what actually brought her at the peak of success, you must consider that she won’t get the chance to have her book published and garnered many International recognitions without the help of Christopher Little Literary Agents. This is a Fulham-based group of literary agents who agreed to represent Rowling in her quest for a publisher.

Tips on Submitting Your Manuscripts to Agents and Publishers

After you have completed your manuscript, it is highly recommended to have it proofread by a reliable editor. This professional will be the one to review your manuscript and ensure that it is free from any typographical and grammatical errors, as well as any obvious plotting flaws. By having it reviewed and proofread, you also increase your chance of closing the deal with a publisher since most publishing companies appreciate the fact that someone else has read your work and approved it.

In this day and age, publishers cannot afford to spend as much on editors as they once did. Therefore, having it proofread upfront prevents the need for nurturing potential and correcting errors. When it comes to finding a good publisher and closing a more lucrative contract, it is also advisable for writers to look for literary agents who will expertly handle the negotiation.

When submitting your manuscript either to an agent or a publisher, it is very important to look as a professional as possible. In case you are doing the illustration as well, you must create a mock-up of the book with sketches for each page and two colorful openings. These additions are vital since you will have to do them for the book itself eventually. Aside from that, you must include a stamped addressed envelope or a stamped postcard for the publishers to return acknowledging receipt.

While it typically takes six months before you can get a response from the publisher, it is often advisable for you to submit your manuscript to several publishers at once. Make sure to keep a record of your submissions so that you can avoid sending it back to a publishing company that has already rejected it.

Along with your manuscript, you must include an appealing cover letter and résumé. In your cover letter, it is always good to mention whether you have had anything published before, such as poems or articles, or had been previously commended in a competition. So even if the publication is not relevant to children’s book, adding this information in your curriculum vitae gives you much credibility.

When your work gets rejected, there is actually no need to fret. Bear in mind that you are not a real writer until you have had a quota of rejection letters. In this case, you must have several copies of your picture book manuscript out at once so that you will not wait desperately in vain by the letterbox.