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How To Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

Author: Dan Feildman

A stock photography business is a method to earn more money in the business of photography. Stock photographs are a collection of photos which are licensed for use in various purposes. These are used by people like book publishers, graphic artists, advertisers, etc to add creativity to their works. So due to the rising demand of such photos, selling stock photos have become a business by itself.

When you intend to start a stock photography business and sell stock photos to earn money, you must keep in mind certain things. Always choose and filter the photos you intend to keep in your list. In a stock photography business, more often quality is not as important as conveying the idea. People opt for stock photography, either when they do not have the time to go for a photo shoot or they are not able to acquire the required photo. So select and keep photos which are capable of conveying ideas across.

If you are selling your photos to a stock photo agency, you will have to comply with their terms and upload the photos in the specified formats and resolutions. Or if you are keeping the stock photos by your self, always go for a format and resolution which would suit the requirements of the clients.

Stock photography must not have any copyright or watermarks on it. These photos are intended for sale and reuse. So there is not point in putting a copyright mark on it. And if you are hosting your photos on a web site, be sure to use the apt keywords and tags so that search engines find you easily. You can refer the leading stock photo hosting web sites like ShutterStock, Fotolia, and so on for ideas on putting keywords and organizing the stock photos.

While, if you intend to sell your stock photos to a stock photo agency or web site that is also good. By doing so, you comply with the agency’s terms and either you will be paid a handsome amount for the pictures or each time somebody downloads your photograph, you get a percentage specified. This way, stock photos are means of generating income over and over again.

You can also take orders for producing stock photographs. The agencies will give you topics on which you need to take photos. This is a more effective way of selling stock photography. In the conventional method, the agency takes only selected photos out of the hundreds or thousands you submit. But when you capture photos based on the topic they give, the possibility that majority of the photos get selected is high.

Microstock is the latest form of a stock photography business and the photos are licensed for much lower fees. The sales of these kinds of photos are also on the increase. Microstock photos get sold in bulk and hence the photographer gets a fair enough amount with the sale. Though the amount per download is less compared to the common stock photos, the sale of Microstock is more. This ensures that the photographers get more money from selling Microstock photos.

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