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Romance Novels

By G.J Bajaj

Seasons manipulate the temper of human beings (HUMAN stands for Handsome or Ugly man, BEING stands for Beautiful but Exploding woman). HU & BE, the supreme creations of God, gets outrageous with showery rains. The reasons are noticeable. The king of seasons, rains bring renaissance in the scripts of writers and poets. Rains take them to lyrical tour, making them set free from the clammy romance.

Prose penned on paper

Presents poetic panorama

Poets write odes

Authors write drama

The stink of top soil, seduces the brain cells of the novelist and their writings in the form of prose spurt out with verse. And the verse gets genuine appeal as the rains are herald of romance as well as idealism.

The sophisticated people, always careful of their press ironed costumes, forget all the protocol and run and dance impromptu and freely in the rains. The romantic rains and clinging clothes provide them soapbox dais wherein they can bring out the naughty child in them.

Rains have magical effects not only upon fresh youth, but also on the stale old people. Well now we shall pull the curtain, I mean umbrella on the rain, as other seasons too help HU & BE make love in different style and stature.

The Great Almighty has given the liberty and provided an extra-special facility to all the males and females to enjoy love in abundance, both indoor and outdoor. Just see how far-sighted and fore-sighted He is, in creating two different seasons called ‘winter’ and ‘summer’.

Winter, go in. Summer, come out.

Yes, in winter quilts, fire places provide you necessary heat. Open your heart near the hearth and get the warmth.

And in summer, why merely open the hearts, you can come out openly on the terraces, beaches and gardens to combat with the hot sunrays.

In the spring, the nature springs out with lot of zest to display its colors. Budding to blossoming of flowers, male species of many type of fish become bright colored to attract females; animals, birds all set examples of romantic mood, the spring is the season of romance.

In the fall, birds get together in a flock to travel. Autumn propose to the human being, ‘migrate, go for outing, take pleasure in this romantic world’.

But despite all His requirements, if the people discontinue to take pleasure from their lives on the alleged reason of ego, jealousy, rage and hatred, someone else might take the cheese. Here I don’t mean promiscuity or adultery! I mean that our writers of romance novels might pinch the theme, subject matter for their scripts.

Most accepted romance writers are very much familiar on how to craft a novel that integrates action, character building, suspense, secrecy, and yes, even a little sexual individuality or a lot, but that is entirely dependant on your personal taste.

A romance novel can be crammed with sizzling and sweltering scenes or a calm persuasion that makes the readers to fall in love with the male protagonist while the female protagonist staggers around, blind as a bat, to all his excellent qualities. Alternatively, a lot of novel leading actress waits eagerly for the superman to get it through his broad, obstinate head that she loves him.

The romance novels have been in origination since the first books were printed and they go through a variety of trends as the decades go by. Most well-liked novels today are either chronological or obscurity with anxiety. What are your opinions? Please write your comments.

About the Author: It is an astounding reality that romance novels rank uppermost in the area of literature. Let us first talk about the formula of romance. website:


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