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How to Cash In on Your Rejected Non-Fiction Titles

Author: Jim Green

Even established authors get the thumbs down from publishers on submission of new work.

I should know because despite having 37 traditionally published titles under my belt, I have around a dozen still unpublished. 

Here is what I did and what do if you’d like to cash in on your rejected non-fiction works…

  • Take the strongest; the best piece of advice from the selected tome
  • Convert it into a PDF file

Now just give it away…

Why give your best information away for free?

Here’s why: give your best stuff away and nine out of ten recipients will reckon the rest of what you have to offer must be mustard. It’s a quirk of human nature…

Here is the complete formula:

  • Take your selected tome and convert into an instructional digital product
  • Alternatively, convert the strongest chapters into individual products
  • Do both if you are of a mind to…
  • Invest in a domain name that fits the purpose (it will only cost you a few dollars)
  • Set up a squeeze page for your giveaway
  • Set up a webpage (or pages) to house your saleable merchandise promotion
  • Load your produce to a reliable storage server
  • Decide on your price point(s)
  • Create lots of articles relating to your specialist niche
  • Submit them on a gradual basis (complete with your URL in a bio box) to Ezine Articles (Google loves them and ranks their pages highly)
  • Create a resource page on your site and include all your articles with an invitation to visitors to download and use them themselves
  • Use your giveaway squeeze page to collect prospective customer email addresses
  • Choose a couple of payment processors (ClickBank & PayPal for example)
  • Email your list (if you have one) regularly with both offers and advice
  • Set up a blog
  • Promote sensibly through Facebook
  • Do likewise on Twitter
  • Do not use so-called  ‘safe lists’; they’ll waste your money or get you into trouble

Does this all sound like too much trouble?

Not for me it isn’t…

From just ONE rejected non-fiction title I have over the years created 10 digital information products all of which sell consistently and show no visible signs of slowing down.

Try this; it works.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/writing-articles/how-to-cash-in-on-your-rejected-nonfiction-titles-1469304.html

About the Author

JIM GREEN is a traditionally published author with 37 bestselling-in-their-niche titles in the realms of fiction and non-fiction http://rejectednonfiction.howtoproducts-xl.com

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