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Audio Books: A New Way To Look At Reading

Author: Bill Urell

What is an Audio Book?

Educators are constantly innovating and modifying the way lessons are taught to children. The challenges of physical handicap like blindness is now overcome with the emergence of new education strategies.

An audio book is an alternative form of books. From the word ‘audio’, you could almost instantly tell that audio books involve the task of listening. Indeed, it is true.

Audio books are actually books that are read aloud and recorded. Through audio book, a person who is not literate can also enjoy the content and the knowledge contained in a given book.

Authors and publishers now recognize the advantage of translating published books into audio books. Published works are intended to reach the audience and impart knowledge.

Audio books facilitate for the rolling out of such content and knowledge contained in a book to a wider scope of audience.

Unabridged and abridged

Audio books can be abridged or unabridged. In publishing, you know that unabridged books are published word for word, according to how the author exactly put words and sentences.

Same goes for unabridged audio books. Unabridged audio books are read word for word from a published book. No word or sentence has been omitted or altered.

Meanwhile, abridged audio books are the opposite. When an audio book does not contain the exact words used by the author in a book, or when some parts are omitted or revised, it is certainly an abridged audio book.

CDs, cassettes and downloadable audio books

Since audio books are recorded content, publishers and makers can make use of the compact discs, the cassette tapes, or the online portal for Web downloading.

Currently, CDs dominate the audio book format. It can be because CDs are now the ‘in thing’ when it comes to audio technology. Almost all music listeners now listen to CDs played through CD players.

Audio in CD format also can be easily stored or carried along everywhere the owner goes. CDs also have greater capacity and can be recorded with significantly longer duration, meaning more content can be contained in a single CD.

The cassette tape format for audio books currently take about 40% of the audio books sold and purchased through the market, according to estimates.

Some people still cannot let go of their old cassette tape players. For some people, cassette tapes are more convenient and are less stressful to play. That is because cassette tape players are far more simple in structure and function than CD players.

Cassette tapes are also more durable because they do not easily break even if dropped to the floor.

The fastest growing segment of format typse for audio books is the downloadable type. Downloadable audio books are the most convenient of them all, because the book is stored virtually or online. However, many people still find it hard to download contents from the Internet, because they are not familiar using the online media.

Downloadable audio books make up about 6% of the overall global audio market. But the popularity of the downloadable audio book is rapidly rising because people form around the world can easily download contents from a Web site. The modern age is also becoming more and more inclined to the use if computers.

Dramatization and know hows

Since audio books are heard, several producers have been employing voice talents to give life to the reading of book contents. Thus, a novel can now be listened to, and can somehow be a form of entertainment with the dramatic effect of the recording.

Sometimes, audio book producers also hire famous celebrities to read out the contents of the audio book. This is based on thinking that several people would appreciate it more and would be more interested if an audio book features the voice of their favorite celebrity.

Audio books, aside from being academically useful, can also be used to teach people with the procedures and processes recommended for the execution of a task.

Thus, simple know hows are better taught to the target audience if the contents are read aloud than read.

Audio books are certainly useful because they make learning easier and more fun. The eyes won’t be stressed and the listener can still perform other activities while learning and listening to the content of a book.

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