Whether you’re looking for good military books to read or thinking of publishing your own strategy and tactics manual, military book publishers can be found all over the world and the Internet. One such publisher is Osprey Publishing. Their extensive collection not only of military literature but also related multimedia games and manuals include anything from books on Ancient and Eastern warfare, Medieval period wars, World War 1 & 2, modern conflicts and more. Not only do they provide hardbound copies but also e-books to give history and warfare buffs everything that they could ever need to read. Aspiring authors and illustrators are also given ample exposure and leverage through author features and live events held throughout the year. One such event is the Historicon 2011 which is obviously for military history experts.

Of course, one cannot mention the phrase military book publishers without mentioning Jane’s Information Group. Better known simply as Jane’s, they’re famous all over the world for publishing countless guides about various military hardware. Started in 1898 by Fred Jane, these guides are very well regarded because of their accuracy and visual portrayal of all sorts of military equipment particularly naval ships, aircraft and mobile armored weaponry.

If your focus is on more practical knowledge such as hand to hand combat, then one of the military book publishers which cater specifically to these is Paladin Press. They offer numerous guides on basic to advanced fighting and survival techniques including: Ragnar’s Urban Survival, The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat, The Mook-Jong Slam Set and even a Guide on Edible Plants and Flowers. If you’re an aspiring author with specialist knowledge on any of these, you may be able to have your book published with them.

Military book publishers are as diverse as the world of military and warfare information itself. The realms that they traverse not only include military hardware, history and encyclopedic knowledge but also of the social, political and practical uses that such information could provide. The listing of actual publishers number in the hundreds because military science and developments are constantly evolving avenues of knowledge that is very much relevant in today’s security minded society. With terrorist and security threats still looming in the horizon wherever you are, the demand for such knowledge will continue to subsist throughout the world. If you have specialist knowledge in the realm of military information, then try your hand in contacting any of these superb military literature publishers.