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Manuscript Editing And Why You Need It

Author: Tom Anderson

If you are like most writers who have written a book, you have put months or years into your manuscript. But it isn’t just the time that you have devoted to your work that matters. You have also put your thoughts, your heart and your soul into the words that construct the book. That is why you want to give your book the best chance you possibly can.

Through the utilization of manuscript editing services, your manuscript can have that chance. This service gives you the opportunity to be a published author that you deserve and maybe even to make the cut on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Preparing your manuscript

When you choose manuscript editing services, you have made a wise decision that will help you get your book accepted by a publishing house so that your dream of being published is realized. Plus, you have a story you want the world to read. Once the editor who will help make this possible is secured, it is time to prepare your manuscript for editing.

First, you can envision what you want your published book to look like, so communicate this to your editor. As a matter of fact, you will work very closely with your editor, so communicate your thoughts and opinions to this individual regularly.

The second thing before handing over your manuscript for manuscript editing is to ensure that your margins are correct, your table of contents is in check, your graphics are placed where they are supposed to be, your fonts are correct and everything is in order. This will ensure the quickest and most thorough editing process possible.

The integrity of your manuscript

Once you have handed over your manuscript, don’t worry about the integrity being destroyed. Some writers tend to opt out of manuscript editing because they feel the message within the book will be compromised. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All changes are marked, and you must approve or reject those changes. The manuscript is yours, so it is your call.

The truth, however, is that the editor is ensuring your message comes across clearly, correctly and consistently. Your editor also makes sure that all lines in your book make sense. If anything, the integrity of your manuscript improves and so does your chance of becoming a published author.

What about self-editing?

If you feel the integrity of your book will only be preserved through self-editing, there are some things to consider. First, think about how businesses hire consultants to tell them what they can improve within their businesses in order to be more profitable. You are dealing with the same concept when using manuscript editing to polish your book. Businesses hire consultants because they are so close to their business that it is difficult to see the problems within it. As a writer, you are so close to the project that errors can slip past you very easily.

Although manuscript editing does require an investment, the long-term benefits will far outweigh what you must pay to have your book perfected. You have a great idea and you want the world to see it, so do all that you can to make sure that the world does.

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