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Book Report and Book Review – the Major Differences!

Author: Jenny Stewart

A book report is completely factual. It includes information on the author, title, place and year of publication as well as a summary of the content of the book. A book review, on the other hand, is much more personal. It is really an expression of the reader’s opinion of the work, or of specific aspects of the work. The review will probably include much of the same factual content as the report, but it is the reader’s personal opinions that are most important. For the purposes of this guide we will be dealing with the book report.

In the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life the simple pleasure of reading a good book is often forgotten. There is nothing easier yet more satisfying than sitting down in a favorite place to read. Find somewhere quiet and private where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Obviously you have to read it cover to cover at least once to write a good book report. Do not make yourself read a set number of pages or chapters every day. This can make your reading a chore. Read as much as you are comfortable with and then put the book down until you are ready to start again.

After reading that book, now you have to start writing your book report. Start with the description of the book, and then if the book is a work of fiction, divide the whole book report writing in the following four parts

  • Background & location – Origin Of the story
  • Time Period – Past, Present or Future
  • Characters
  • The Main Plot


After this, write your personnel opinion bout the book. Is it too fictitious? What author trying to achieve and how much successful he was in achieving that.

And If the book is Non-Fiction in nature than you can start book reports just by giving an initial statement on the general subject of the book. After that statement, give a summarized version of that book, its whole concept, purpose and achievement.

Again in the end, you have to give your personnel or a general opinion over the book. Remember! Whether you are writing about fiction or non-fiction you must be sure to recognize the main idea or ideas in the book. So be sure that you have a good understanding of it before you begin to write book report. Keep the book beside you while you are writing your report so that you can refer to it when necessary.



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About the Author

Jenny Stewart is a PhD in Human Relation. She is an educational consultant and utilizing her skills in helping the students to accomplish there education successfully. She is changing the student’s difficulties into ease since many years by helping them with her skills and knowledge to get there projects done efficiently.

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