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Getting Your Movie Ideas Discovered

By Ray Subs

Are you interested in getting your movie ideas discovered not only by movie producers but also by the movie going public? Then you have to stop thinking about creating movies and start writing your movie ideas down on paper. The only way that you are going to get your movie ideas from your head to the screen is if you actually put some work towards your movie ideas.

When was the last time you went to the movies and thought to yourself “I can do better than that!” If you have been going recently, you probably said this to yourself quite often. And you probably can do better than what is out there in the theaters now. It seems as if Hollywood has run out of ideas and simply has to hash up the same old plots. If you have something better, you owe it to the public to put it on paper and have it discovered so that it can be made into a movie. Who knows – you may be the one accepting the Oscar at the next Academy Awards presentation.

So how do you get your ideas from your head and into the head of some producer who will make it into a film? Here are some tried and true methods:

Contact a producer or his agent

Get on the phone and look for an agent or producer who will agree to meet with you. You may have to blow your own horn a bit to try to get this to happen, but once you set up a meeting, which producers do all of the time, you an then pitch your idea to the producer. If he likes it, he might want to hear more. If not, you will not hear from him again, despite his promises to call.

The drawback to this method is that it costs a lot of money to be taking producers out to lunch and it can also be very frustrating trying to get a producer to agree to take a meeting with an unknown. You have to be very persistent and not allow rejection to bother you.

Write your own screenplay

Do you know how to write a screenplay? You can do this by getting a book on how to write a screenplay and following the examples in the book. A screenplay is about 120 pages long and mostly tells the story in dialogue. The screenplay is basically an idea for a movie but is not the movie script itself. It will outline the movie for the director and the script writer so that they can add more dialogue. You have to be familiar with film and terminology in order to write an effective screenplay. Then you have to either try to pitch it yourself or get an agent to pitch it for you. The problem with getting an agent is that you cannot get one if you do not have anything sold and will have a hard time getting anything sold without an agent.

Use a movie site

Get your movie ideas really out there on a movie idea website. You can find a movie idea website that will allow you to post your movie ideas and even get feedback from other writers. Some sites will actually work with producers to get you a deal if your movie ideas are intriguing enough for them to want to make into a film. The best aspect of using a movie site to post your movie ideas is that you can get instant feedback as to how the movie is received as well as a chance to get discovered by a producer.

About the Author: Ray Subs is a freelance writer and consultant who is working with Ashley Conway with Make’N Movies. He can be reached at


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