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Realtor Rebates: The Reason Why

There are two kinds of realtors, one that offers realtor rebates and one that don’t. Buyers may be enticed to pair with a realtor that offers rebates but if you are inquisitive enough you would want to know the reason as to why the realtor that you are dealing with resorts to this kind of marketing strategy.

A lot rookie in the world of real estate makes use of realtor rebates to lure buyers to buy from them. These realtor rebates are a portion of the commission that the realtor will get once the buyer seals the deal. This is highly attractive for buyers as they get a little something out of the deal. The rebate can come in form of cash or some give in kind kind. For rookies, giving rebates can be a way to build credibility and popularity among buyers. When people know that you are giving rebates, chances are, they would choose to deal with you when buying a home.

The most common misconception about realtors giving rebates is that they are not good in their field. Now if you analyse the strategy, you will see that agents that give realtor rebate are after the quantity of transactions that they get. They may have a quota that they are trying to reach and they don’t mind losing a small portion of their commission just to be able to reach their quota.

Say a real estate agent who odes not offer rebates gets ,000 out of a transaction that he makes. An agent who gives realtor rebates gets the same commission, deduct the 1%rebate that he gives to the buyer and his commission is lesser compared to that who does not offer one. However, the one that offers realtor rebate get more transaction because, rebates are very attractive to the buyers eyes. What the realtors who give rebates loses in the rebates that he gives he earns in terms of the quantity of the transaction that he makes in short period of time.

As a buyer, you would hit jackpot if you find a good realtor that offers rebates. Imagine getting the best deal out of the home purchase transaction and at the same time receiving a rebate out of that purchase. Looking for realtors that give rebates is easy. All you have to do is look at the Yellow pages under your phone or in the Internet and inquire. You can also ask for referrals from people you know who just bought a house. Ask them who their realtor is and whether or not he gives realtor rebates or not. This will help you come up with a good decision and connect with a good and trusted realtor that you will deal with in your search for the perfect home.

So in the end I recommend finding a real estate company that will help you find or sell your home at the lowest commission rates available while still providing the best service available.

About the author: I-Agent is a full service realty company that offers its clients realtor rebates that will save you thousands off commission rates.


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