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How to Find Estate Agents in Manchester

By Ian Grainger

Are you a visitor to the UK? Or do you live in other part of the UK and have extensive business in Manchester that warrants you finding a flat or office space to rent or buy there? Whatever your position, if you are seeking available space an estate agent Manchester is your best source of help.

There are several established estate agents Manchester who have the resource and know – how to professionally assist you in finding what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. If your particular need is better serviced by a letting agent most can provide one for you.

Securing the right estate agent Manchester can make the difference between a worthwhile investment and one filled with problems and unnecessary stress. Begin by knowing what you want whether leasing or buying in terms of space and general surroundings then find the agency that can best meet your needs. Do not sacrifice value for convenience to please an agent.

1. Take the time necessary to check out several agencies. This will help you find what you are looking for

at the price you can afford.

2. Give your specifications with telephone number and note those who call back.

3. Compare prices offered. Look for the best value for your money.

4. Check out and compare “sign on fees” or fees charged by agents. They can vary significantly with different estate agents Manchester.

5. Is the agent a member of ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) or NALS (National Approved.

Letting Scheme) they describe the functions of agents and how to settle disputes.

6. Finding an agency which participate in ESTAS, an accountability group, would also be beneficial.

7. If renting do some research to find out what the letting laws are in Manchester and what you will be

legally responsible for as a tenant.

8. Know your rights as a tenant. Be sure agents are professional and have the correct documentation.

9. Don

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