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Like Reading Christian Books? Wish you didn’t have to buy all of them?
The Christian Library is the answer!

Located on the northwest corner of 81st Street and South Aspen Avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, The Christian Library is a non-profit specialty lending library. Like the public libraries, after filling out an application we issue library cards.

Your library card entitles you to check books out for two weeks at a time. If you need more time, it is possible to re-new your checked out books either in person or over the phone by calling the library during regular operating hours or after hours by leaving a message with your name, the book title, and its due date.

There are a wide variety of books available for your reading enjoyment. From fiction (including the complete Left Behind series), biographies, childrens and youth books, learning/study materials on a wide variety of subjects i.e. prayer, healing, family, parenting, marriage, stewardship, witnessing etc.

Looking for information on how to start a Christian Library? What about where to buy supplies? A library computer program? We have compiled a wealth of this information from our first hand experiences and resource locations to aid you in your endeavor. This reference material is available in a handy spiral booklet form or on CD. It covers everything from how to start a library, ideas on where to get books, cataloguing those books (tapes, videos, etc), setting up a non-profit organization, computer software to control your inventory and check materials in and out, tips on building location and room arrangements and much more. There are links and/or addresses to suppliers and other reference material sources.

The idea for THE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY started in 1991 when I saw the need for new Christian converts to have access to learning materials for their continued spiritual growth and development. We established an operational library as a non-profit organization in 2000.

The vision of this ministry is to make Christian books and learning materials readily available to the general public in centralized locations. Christian libraries making Gods Word as readily available as the chain restaurants that circle the globe have made the hamburger.

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