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Creative Writers’ New Year’s Resolution List

By Deborah Owen

Creative writers sometimes allow the years to roll by and never become aware of the enormous gift that lies within them. Are you allowing work and family to steal what little time you have? Is there any time left for you? By now you know that the only way to catch a dream is to chase it. When your dreams become a priority, then and only then will you realize them.

Learning to write is one of those beautiful dreams. Most people wonder if they have writing skills that could be developed. Two things stop them from finding out: procrastination and lack of time. Procrastination is a self-discipline problem, but lack of time is something you can get by rising 30 minutes early, staying up 30 minutes late, or taking part of your lunchtime.

Knowing what you should study can be part of the challenge. Should you plunge into a short story course headfirst? Or do you need a good punctuation review course to rehearse you on how and when to use commas, semi-colons, colons, and other pertinent punctuation. It doesn’t take that much time. Allow 60 minutes of homework per week for each course you take.

Or perhaps you would be more interested in learning the basics of short story writing. If that is the case, Creative Writing 101 would be the class for you. You would receive detailed instructions on piecing a story together by using the five Ws

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