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Benefits of Using SharePoint Lists

By Adriana N.

A SharePoint list refers to an aggregation of matching items which permits organizations and individuals using these lists to create daily collaboration sites. Each SharePoint list has fields that describe the representation of the data and each list will have the same representation. This technology supports various types of visuals when editing data and displaying the data which then can be used for an individual or organizations specific project or task.

When you create a SharePoint List you will benefit from such features as: a user interface that gives you the ability to filter, edit, group, and sort the data. You will be able to integrate your data with other libraries and lists. You have the ability to search and there is the benefit of effective security management on list level and item level. As well, more than one user can edit data at the same time. You will also have rich text support, RSS, and SharePoint alerts. In addition, you can select data from other systems using BDC look-up columns. An example of using SharePoint on a website is offering an online sign up sheet where people ca sign up for an activity.

Another benefit of using SharePoint Lists is that users can extract specific information using a query. You just type in your search criteria to extract the data and the system will search through all the lists and locate and display the relevant information from the search query. As well, SharePoint also has the tools to display data in a certain order such as alphabetically. It can also filter out irrelevant information while displaying the most relevant data.

Business managers benefit from using SharePoint lists, For instance, lists can be created an used for appointment scheduling, booking events, creating and assigning tasks, managing employee stats, etc. They can schedule their tasks by using intranet websites and when a task is completed, they can be marked off. When businesses use lists on their websites, SharePoint can be utilized as it will gather the information and share it with other people. As well, new tasks can be posted instantly so that employees get instant information.

The most common SharePoint software includes Windows Share Point, Excel, and SharePoint Calendar. SharePoint software comes with a number of templates that can be adapted and used to collect information in a relevant way. Users can modify the look of the templates by changing the data types such as when displaying corporate logos on websites. Windows SharePoint Services allow you to do the following: set up a public or private site in just a couple of minutes, customize the site by choosing a template from the template gallery, modify the page by adding pictures, text, and tables using just a Web browser, create a separate site under the main site for various project groups, and it can be used by anyone requiring group collaboration.

Today using SharePoint Lists are a an invaluable tool to help businesses improve operations, promote team project collaborations, keep employees up to date on current business projects and tasks, manage employees more effectively, and improve business productivity. The benefits of SharePoint Lists make SharePoint an important investment for any organization.

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