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New York, New York

What about this place? Why has it captured my mind and my eye but just for a moment?
We were merely freshman as the song goes.  How could I avoid the tourist clichés?  Carriage rides through Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, views from the Empire State Building, a Broadway show, the markets, and of course shopping along Fifth Avenue.  And I use shopping in the most conservative sense; that is limited to the sidewalk, and peering in with less than rich eyes.  I can’t forget the certain smell or the nip in the cool air under a crystal blue sky.  My experience and memory of New York is undoubtedly typical, but never trite.  I scoured neighborhoods, some I probably should not have — I’m sure my curiosity and trust will someday get me killed.  I gobbled hotdogs from vendors, and even caught a Columbus Day parade.

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