To promote your book in the public easily you need to choose from the list of literary agents accessible today. The search for the best agency is not as hard as what you are thinking. First, you must separate the different agencies and then you need to know of which category your book will fit. There are various types of books such as fiction, non-fiction, children’s book and other types.

The following agencies offer their best services from publishing to promoting your books in the marketplace:

1. A P Watt Agency is the oldest literary agency in the world, was first establish in 1875. They have clients that become a Nobel Prize winner, Costa Prize winners and the first Children’s Laureate.
2. WME, formerly the William Morris Endeavor in which it is the largest talent and literary agency found in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Miami and Nashville. Most clients are best selling and award winning authors whether it is fiction or a non-fiction category.
3. Curtis Brown is one of the world’s leading talent and literary agencies. This agency has strategic alliances with lots of agencies all over the world.
4. Peters Fraser and Dunlop (PFD) is one of today’s top literary agencies that offers best people to work with special expertise in the fields of literature, public speaking, film and journalism.

There are many ways to help you find the right agency to assist you in publishing your book. If you know how to write book, it is easier to find a dependable agent. Just like when learning how to search for details to complete the contents of your book, you have to do a little investigation about the different agencies available today.

First, you may find it hard as much as making your own manuscripts, but if you can have the list if literary agents in your hand means no need to worry much. Making a list is surely not a waste of time and indeed, it is a very useful idea.

On the other hand, you have to decide carefully among the possible agencies that you have identified. For those that ate just new to the business of publishing may have few connections. Be sure that you know the background of the person who will handle you to avoid any regrets I the future.

One important tip to remember, before you make a deal it is best to read any contract they offer. Because it is business, definitely it involves money. Therefore, it is your responsibility to choose the best agency from your list of literary agents.