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Syntek Global Review

Syntek Global is a relatively new network marketing company thats based out of Salt Lake City Utah (The MLM mecca of the world).

You, my pal, may be looking to become a rep with this company or you just might already be one.

Analyzing the following four aspects will help you make the right decision in regard to Syntek Global.

1. Product Line
2. Executive Leadership
3. Compensation Plan
4. Distribution Model

Syntek Global is bringing to market a comprehensive gas additive called Xtreme Fuel Treatment.

Syntek XFT works for all types of combustion engines. It provides value in three main areas.

Raise Fuel Economy

Prolong Engine Longevity

Reduce Pollutants

Whenever a company claims to do these things there is inherent disbelief and shouts of snake oil salesman tend to come soaring in from the bleachers.

Syntek XFT has been proven in lab test after lab test to work.

With the current go green trend and ever present fears of rising oil prices, this product seems to deliver what the market needs.

And what about this companies leadership?

The Chieve Executive Officer is a man by the name of John Winterholler.

John brings extensive management and leadership skill to the Syntek Global staff.

John has held high level posts in all types of companies.

Strategic Leadership Partners lists Mr. Winterholler as one of it’s founding members. Johns background also includes the launch and roll out of new products and services.

I have actually met Mr. Winterholler and have found him to be a man of great integrity and talent.

You can be certain that Syntek Global has the right stuff in the management department.

Syntek Global pays its distributors using whats referred to as a next-generation binary. Binary because you only build 2 legs and next-generation because its actually a hybrid plan that gets rid of some of the unpopular aspects of a traditional binary plan.

This compensation plan was modeled after a plan that has produced an unparalleled amount of wealth for many business builders in the MoneVie Corporation (also a network marketing company).

In essence the plan is proven to be very lucrative.

And finally the most critical aspect

Syntek does a great job with developing striking company literature and attractive replicated websites.

One big downfall drawback, as with all MLM companies, is they only teach one form of marketing. Make a list of every person you’re familiar with and call the names on those lists to tell them about Syntek Global.

Proficient marketers know that there are many ways to market a product/service, and some, perhaps much more effective than calling your friends and family.

In the age of the internet where you can connect with thousands and thousands of people that are already looking for what you have to offer, it seems silly that other marketing avenues are completely disregarded in the network marketing arena.

About the Author:
Syntek Global is a great company with a great product but if youre not able to get the word out to mass numbers of people, your success will be greatly limited.

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