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Performance Review – How to Prepare

By Tiffany Provost

Annually you get one opportunity to showcase your contributions to your workplace with a view to getting a raise. Do it well or you might find yourself waiting another 12 months for a chance at a salary increase. Prepare for a good performance review by following these tips.

1. Obtain comments quickly. Following a performance review, you will gain insight into last year’s job performance. You can make positive changes in your work habits to impress your employer. To know you’re on the right track, go over your last review often to ensure that your employer will see some major improvements in your work.

2. Get ready to discuss your weaknesses. Everybody has room for development. Get ready for your performance review by evaluating ay weaknesses that might have stifled your work throughout the year. You should consider some options you can use to deal with these weaknesses such as speaking to a mentor or attending seminars.

3. Obtain a thankyou letter. If you have done a great job and been thanked for it, have the person write you a quick letter about it. Letters from a former boss or client will be well looked upon during a performance review. Keep all such letters and bring this file to your performance review so that you can point out your best efforts. Why not highlight the best paragraphs in the letters to allow your employer to briefly skim through them.

4. Get a list of yearly achievements ready. Make a list of all of your achievements throughout the course of your employment. Schooling and training will help to reinforce your commitment to work. Remember everything you have achieved in the past year and will ensure that none of your contributions go without notice. Talking about these achievements, furthermore, can only help performance reviews and put the whole interview in a positive light. Add this list to your performance review file.

5. Set some goals for yourself and write them down. Your boss likes to see that you are motivated and ambitious as the year progresses. Appear to be always moving forward by having your personal and professional goals set out. It should include any projects you hope to develop or further jobs that you want to apply for. Perhaps you want to get an article published in a professional journal. Demonstrate initiative by creating your own goals and showing them to your boss.

6. Pass along your file to your company a month before the review. If the boss decides to complete the paperwork early, your letters of commendation and other documents will be there to positively influence their decision.

7. Keep your expectations sensible. Prior to receiving a performance review, it is important to temper expectations with reality. The budget might not always include salary raises but that does not imply that you should not ace your performance review. Highlight your skills and talents at an annual performance review and eventually, your boss will reward you with a well-deserved raise.

About the Author: Tiffany Provost writes about Performance and other Career Tips for HowToDoThings.com.

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