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Law of Attraction – Help You Get Through a Crisis Situation Part I

Author: Christine Wang

When everything falls apart…

The stock market is falling… our home’s value is falling… layoffs are increasing… the credit crisis is impacting the global economy… you feel your financial situation is getting worse… you feel unsecured and helpless… on top of that, you may have other relationship issues as well…

Law of Attraction (LOA) is working for and against you – positive and negative.

When we focus on the negative economic news and panic and then we stop trying… We will then make a bad economic situation worse.

Ask yourself …What are you looking for?

Maybe you took a job because you felt you needed to support yourself and you had no other choice. Instead of just settling for a job, try looking toward what others’ have tried for something better. Look inside yourself and those around you. Listen and watch the mistakes and successes of others’ and then decide if something they have addressed is something you need to change in your life and your reason for the change Don’t dismiss any opportunity, because one of those may take you to whatever you truly want. Don’t let your arrogance allow you to dismiss something “new” as something that’s “not right” for you. Don’t let procrastination disguise itself as optimism! Don’t just stand by, always take action towards your goals!

Re-Evaluate Your Current Situation.

In these tough financial times, evaluate your monthly budgeting needs.

One way to do this is to seek out assistance from state and local governments or charity organizations in your area. Another way is to cut down your living cost by cooking at home, volunteering for local farm, etc. Call and negotiate a discount on your interest rate with your credit card companies.

In the emotional stress situation.

Do something to distract your thoughts from the current situation, whether it is volunteering for good causes or just hanging out with friends and having fun.

Always take care of your self first, and try not to “worry yourself to death” about the future. Take a multi-vitamin, exercise, and increase time outside; make steps to become healthier to relieve stress and avoid weight gain.

Be Creative.

If you can’t sell the house, look at options such as rental exchanges, opt for leasing with options for the renter to purchase the home later.

If your job becomes more difficult or you lose your job, alter your thinking and take this time as an opportunity for you to look deep inside and reevaluate your career direction; consider alternatives to the path you are on currently.

If you always have new ideas, it is time to explore them.

If you like traveling, consider an international job. If you like to garden, volunteer at a local farm in exchange for free produce. If you have expertise in some area, consider hosting a website to sell your knowledge to others. If you don’t have money, can you trade services with others to get what you need?

There are bullish markets somewhere, you just have to seek them out.

Clear Out the Negativity:

If we focus on negative, we tend to remember everything we have done wrong. In reality, we may make far better decisions, but we forget to appreciate our ability to do so.

Last year, I attempted to learn day-trading, and I felt that I totally failed, however when I completed my tax return, I realized that I had not truly lost money.

Not In A Desirable Situation?

Don’t let your situation define you, rather look inside yourself and decide on who you are and what you truly want to do with your life. Don’t mistake your impatience for an obstacle. Don’t mistake new challenges as sign of impending failure. Sometimes, the most difficult challenges have the biggest rewards. Other times, when you do fail, it might just mean that it really wasn’t something you truly desired or needed.

Be Positive About Your Attempts:

Don’t discredit your attempt as failure. It’s just a chance to practice reaching our goals.

Jack Canfield, the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected by 123 publishers, before someone published his book. The “Chicken Soup” series has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Try to be Positive About Everything And Appreciate the People Who Can Show You the Way:

Sometimes, it’s good for the “bad things” to happen now rather than later because you might have ended up losing more in the long run.

If you feel that you aren’t sure of a path or if you are able to do something, seek out those that are able to teach you. If people don’t appreciate you or aren’t willing to help you then let them go. People generally won’t tell others their secrets out of fear that you will do better than they will. Appreciate them for what they will teach you and move on to pursuing something that is right for you. With personal relationships, if you’re in love but you’re miserable inside, move on. You don’t deserve disrespect from others. Sometimes, we know deep inside we settle for less, don’t allow yourself to do so, you deserve more!

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About the Author

Christine is a passionate law of attraction practitioner and environmentalist. Ms. Wang enjoys creating win-win situations by sharing her knowledge and helping others succeed.

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