He saw that 'Verb' wasn't ...

I spent a great deal of time researching self-publishing. In the process I discovered that most self publishing companies don’t care if you sell books. Your book may get listed and be available through a wholesaler or listed with Ingram, but you still must do almost all of the marketing yourself. You have to get the word out.

You’ve written an incredible first novel. You’ve been instantly signed by one of the top literary management companies. Your agent helps you polish it and is super-enthusiastic about finding a publisher. In the same month he starts sending it out the economy crashes. Your agent spends a year submitting it but finds no takers. He bemoans the fact that his business model no longer works, that publishers are laying off editors right and left. ‘It now takes a committee to even look at a first time writer,’ he says. What do you do now?

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