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Author: Eric de Fontenay

LicenseQuote ( ) provides an easy to manage online solution that helps independent artists, labels, producers and music publishers to license their own songs, recordings and related assets directly from their own web sites.

“Private beta testing has been completed and we’ve been getting excellent feedback from a sampling of independent artists and labels” said Doron Erblich, co-founder and CTO of LicenseQuote.

The basic LicenseQuote (aka LQ) Music Licensing Calculator embed widget is free to all music artists, labels and publishers who have authority to license their various copyrighted music materials. LicenseQuote does not charge any sales commission percentage fee to the sellers and is also completely free to all music licensing buyers.

“Music publishers can use our music licensing calculator to sell, negotiate and manage their music licensing deals directly from their own web pages”, said Michael Borges, co-founder and CEO of LicenseQuote.

The LicenseQuote Free calculator features include: 17 standard licensing types, standard pricing profile, description and usage details shown for each selected license type, instant price calculations, “captcha” protected email sending, print out feature and option for custom bid price negotiation inquiry.

LicenseQuote – Music Licensing Solutions gives independent artists and music publishers unlimited opportunities to license their copyrighted materials to the music, advertising and broadcast media industries for commercial usage including: TV, cable, radio, advertising, film, video, theater, corporate, websites, music on hold, plus many more innovative and custom-requested applications.

The LicenseQuote service gives media industry buyers direct access to artists, labels and publishers who are offering LQ enabled music licensing sales via the internet directly from their own websites, blogs, emails or other pages.

The mission of LicenseQuote is to pioneer the world’s most powerful and cost effective self-managed music licensing solution for professional publishers (licensors) to enhance their opportunities for doing business directly with their existing or new customers including various media industry buyers.

The LQ business philosophy is focused on creating unlimited direct licensing access points where publishers, artists, labels and buyers can do business as never before. A variety of LQ music licensing service plans will provide a powerful array of self-managed sales and licensing tools to sellers and complimentary (free) self-service tools for buyers enabling both to trade efficiently and profitably over the internet on a truly “direct access” global market scale.


Based in Lake Elsinore, California, revolutionizes the way music is licensed. LicenseQuote plans to become the leader in providing advanced licensing tools for artists, producers and labels as well as the media industry and license buyers in general. LicenseQuote was founded by Michael Borges, CEO, Doron Erblich, CTO, and Bea Borges.

About Michael Borges

Michael Borges is founder/owner of AMsystem – Innovative Products and Services Since 1981. Michael’s entrepreneurial career has involved a number of successful new product inventions, developments and marketing ventures. Michael is also an active musician with a background in composing, arranging, recording, production, publishing and music licensing.

About Doron Erblich

Doron is veteran technology consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Noya – Software Innovations, and in recent years has been working with entrepreneurs, start-up and tech companies from around the world bringing new software products, applications and services to market. He has been a part-time CTO for several start-up companies working on a variety of software technology projects.

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