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How To Write An Informal Essay

By Mary Simmers

Writing an informal essay doesn’t mean you finally have the license to cuss all you want on paper. The main hallmark of this type of writing is the lack of a rigid style, with preferential use of a conversational tone. While the content of informal essays is intended to be drawn from your own beliefs and opinions, do note that you’ll need to support it with decent facts just the same.

Informal essays are purposely written to get the interest of every readers mixed with delight. But then, you can’t just make one just exactly what comes up into your mind, it has to be informative also. You can’t just tell stories on your own without being supported by facts. However, it is a way to reveal your inner talent in writing as what your imagination and feelings would show. It’s basically your point of view to a particular event or situations might be a problem, news, comments, a thing or a person maybe.

It is unique to other types of writing since it has an informal style, flexible content but then it must have a well-organized plan. Writing an informative essay as well with other types of writing is merely to get your readers mind active and they must comprehend to what your side is stating about. Although it is not a formal type one, there are still a lot of factors that needs to be considered and be followed by the writer.

No Structure Does Not Mean No Plan

The lack of a formal structure is often mistaken as meaning you can just write an informal essay from the seat of your pants. In truth, informal essays are just like other pieces of writing – they’re best done deliberately with an outline in place. As such, perform due diligence as usual – research your subject, outline your material and plan how to present your ideas. Similarly, perform thorough editing with the help of the best grammar checking software you can find.


As it is informal, you can design your presentation of the material however you fancy. Would you like to do it in a narrative form, with the story interspersed with your opinions? Have you ever wondered how you would write in a ranting -albeit, well-argued – format? You can try it here.

While planning the essay, always consider two factors: the particular information you will present and when you will present it. Naturally, you will need to present enough facts to cover your entire argument. Timing the revelation of those facts can be as creative as you want, provided that it makes sense relative to the whole piece.

Format your essay well. You need also to check its quality as what it will appear to your readers mind. When you speak of quality, it should have something very important for them to learn out of your piece. Check also the overall content if it is properly arranged and all your grammars must be checked. Now, start writing and let it your ideas be shared to other people.

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