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How To Make Money As A Children’s Author

By Ruth Barringham

If you want to make money writing for children, then becoming a children’s author is a great place to start.

Children’s books are quick to write and very easy to market. You can write a manuscript for a children’s book in as little as 2 weeks. And because the market for children’s books is so huge right now, it’s easy to get an agent or publisher interested in your book in less than a month.

Let me explain.

Unlike some adult books, children’s books aren’t huge tomes and are not full of long complicated words or difficult-to-follow plots.

This makes them easier, and therefore faster, to write.

If you sat down and wrote for only 2 hours a day, you could get your work to final manuscript in 2 weeks or less.

And working this quickly doesn’t mean that your book won’t be good. On the contrary; you’ll find it’s plenty of time to write a future best-seller.

And because the children’s book market is constantly growing, there are plenty of agents and publishers looking for the next Terry Pratchett, Dr Seuss or J K Rowling.

So once your manuscript is written you only need to write a great synopsis and query letter, and send it to every children’s literary agent and publisher to quickly get your work snapped up and under contract in a short time.

Or, because it’s so simple to market a children’s book, you might want to self publish the book yourself.

One of the easiest and most profitable places to market your children’s book is to the library supply companies.

Libraries stock thousands of children’s books and with so many libraries in the world, the supply companies have to buy in bulk to keep up with demand.

Children’s books are the most borrowed type of book from the public libraries. In Australia (where I live) in 2007, ninety seven of the top one hundred most-borrowed library books were all children’s books. So knowing just how popular they are, you can imagine the enormous number of children’s books that are sold to the libraries every year.

For instance; there are over 14,000 libraries in Australia, so if only half of them bought a copy of your book (and when it comes to children’s books they usually want to buy more than one copy each), you’d still sell over 7,000 books. And the USA has over 10-times the number of libraries that Australia has. So you can imagine how massive their library sales can be.

There are also hundreds of children’s book clubs and they buy in even bigger bulk than the library supply companies. Just one order from a book club could be a single sale of 20,000 copies of your book, or more.

And we haven’t even begun to look at the sales from book stores, online book stores, children’s stores, play groups and more.

Once you know the age group that your book is intended for, you’ll probably come up with dozens more targeted places to market your book such as children’s web sites and children’s magazines.

But there’s one thing for certain; children are reading more. Even parents of very young children are introducing them to books at a very young age.

And all this has created a significant rise in the demand for new children’s book.

So if you want to make money as a children’s author, there’s never been a better time to start.

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