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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Sheet Music

By Gary Tallon

1. A Book of Music Is Not Technically Sheet Music

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Sheet Music as “Compositions printed on unbound sheets of paper”. So books of music script would not (technically) be classed as sheet music.

2. “Sheet Music” Was The Title of an Album by 10CC

This was the second album written by 10CC which reached number nine in the UK album charts, and number eighty one in the USA. The 1974 release by the Manchester (England) band included the singles “The Wall Street Shuffle” and “Silly Love”.

3. Sheet Music or Score?

These two terms actually mean the same thing, as score is the more generic description of Sheet Music. There are several types of score including “full score”, “miniature score”, “piano score” etc. Score can also be used to refer to incidental music written for a play, TV or film.

4. The First Printed Sheet Music Book Appeared in 1457

The “Mainz Psalter” was the first book printed to include music notation. It was printed in Mainz, Germany but still had to have the notation filled in by hand!

5. The First Machine Printed Music Appeared in the 1473

The first sheet music publications printed on machines didn

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