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How to Self Publish Using Book Templates

Author: Daniel Millions

If you dream of being a writer but you think that you have a long, long way to go, modern techniques and the right tools can actually get your writing career up and going in minutes. More and more amateur writers, as well as professional writers, are discovering the convenience of self-publishing. You can directly sell your book to the market without going through third party agents that can really get a run for your money with their high commission rate.

One way of entering the self-publishing market is to use a book template. If you are someone who has a hard time organizing what you’ve written in a well documented book format, you can get a big help from a book template. Using a book template can save you a lot of time and energy. No longer would you have to manually format each header, footer and content of your book pages. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly render something that you never thought possible- your very own book!

Book templates are a new technique that can speed up book creation. It is a fairly new concept, but nevertheless, more and more people are trying their hands on this tool and the response rate has been good so far. Although it is a tool of the Internet, you don’t need intensive computer skill to use this software. Book templates are designed for writers and people with average computer skills. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can pretty much use book templates with ease and comfort. Some book template software also uses Adobe Design and Quark, but don’t you worry if you are unfamiliar with these programs. Book template programs include step by step instructions that can guide you through the program.

What does a book template exactly do? Upon using this program, you can easily format your writings into ready to publish materials. The format and style used would be similar to traditional books sold for retail. It would be composed of a title page, copyright, dedication page, table of contents, preface, book chapters and finally, an author’s page. You can also add an alphabetic index at the end of the book. The documents would be page numbered accordingly and the chapter pages would contain the chapter title followed by content.

You can also format paragraphs and character styles with ultimate ease and speed. All you basically need to do is to create a text body, headings for your titles, subtitles, footers and headers. You can also specify other additional formatting styles that you need. You can include numbered or bullet lists. For extra flavor to your book, you can easily add box outs, figure captions and tip boxes.

Aside from saving you a lot of time, using a book template can also save you a lot of money. An ordinary typeset service for a book would cost you more than a thousand dollars. Plus, you would also have to get someone to do the cover design for you, which would cost you a few more hundreds. Depending on the book template program that you purchased, you can also receive book template covers that allow you to use generic graphics and copyright-free images for your front cover design.

So if you want to save time, money and energy in self publishing your book, get your hands on one of the book templates sold online and start making profits out of your book today!

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